Pluto-Head artwork


all compositions ©2015 Steffen Presley

Keyboard, synthesizer, drums and theremin performances by Steffen Presley
Produced, engineered, mixed & original sound design by Steffen Presley
at Song Haven Studios for Endless Productions

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I've always been a science and space buff and have harbored a special fondness for the ninth planet in our Solar System, Pluto. When scientists downgraded Pluto from it's long held planetary status and reclassified it as a dwarf planet, many Pluto fans, including myself were bitterly disappointed. We called ourselves Pluto Heads.

The Pluto Head project began with the launch of the NASA New Horizons mission to Pluto. Just like the mission itself, the music chronicling this grand adventure was a nine year project which began with the piece Lift-off Reverie celebrating the launch in 2006, and culminated with the spectacular cosmic soundscape, "Pluto" in July of 2015, just as New Horizons arrived at Pluto. At that time, the Pluto Head album was officially released. Having completed it's astounding nine years journey to Pluto, New Horizons is currently passing through the Kuiper Belt headed into interstellar space!

I'm a Pluto-Head of a different sort, one who explores far out realms of music. This instrumental album of electronic tone paintings celebrates exploration, discovery, high technology, and the advancement of civilizations. Beautifully otherworldly, this is some of our most far-out music from the very edge of the Solar system. It is available in digital download and streaming form everywhere digital music is sold.

I hope you enjoy the journey!

—- Steffen Presley

A fan created video featuring "Cryogenic Dreams" from the Pluto Head album.


For those of you wondering which Earthly and un-Earthly instruments and gear was used on this album, here is a rundown.

Keyboard and rack synthesizers:
Kurzweil K2500X (expanded); Korg - Karma (with MOSS expansion), MS-2000R & Wavestation A/D;
Dave Smith Instruments - Poly Evolver Keyboard; Yamaha - VL1-m & DX7II (E!); Roland V-Synth XT;
MidiMoog (Minimoog customized by Studio Electronics).

Roland V-Session Pro (expanded), Alesis DM5

MOTU Mach 5 Sampler (original samples only!); Moog Animoog (Apple iPad synth); Steinberg Retrologue; Camel Audio- Alchemy;

Exotic instruments:
Moog Theremini (21st century theremin. Used in Carnival of Souls, Pluto and Attic Toy,); ROLI Seaboard Grand Stage (connected to Poly Evolver. Used in Pluto).

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