Saxophone Favorites

Steffen & Skylar Presley

all arrangements by Steffen Presley 2014
©2014 Terraform Records

Saxophone Favorites CD Cover
Skylar and his dad

Steffen Presley:   alto saxophone, drums & percussion, electric guitar and Hammond organ.

Skylar Presley:   Grand piano, Yamaha Electone organ

Produced by: Steffen Presley

"Like so many things in life, this project came about rather serendipitously. As my son's piano teacher, I engaged him in certain projects, some of which involved making a couple recordings with him on piano and myself on sax. This unexpectedly led to us doing a couple of performances, with more on the way. Since people will spontaneously purchase CDs of your show at gigs, this led to us putting together our live set on CD. To put this album together in just a few days, we recorded the piano (or organ) and the alto sax live, mostly with no additional takes. Taking a minimalist approach to production, just one or two additional instruments were later overdubbed on each song (with a couple of exceptions). I could have cleaned things up further, but didn't. As this album is primarily meant to sell at gigs, I wanted to keep a lot of the raw charm of our unplugged live performance. With the pieces that used Skylar's organ, we moved some recording gear into his bedroom where the organ is located, as it is too heavy to move into our professional studios." — Steffen Presley

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