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3 Legs On Wheels

In Our Time Machine

all songs and instrumentals composed by Steffen Presley
except "Hey Now Mama" by Arnold Mollica
all songs ©2008 Steffen Presley (BMI).   "Hey Now Mama" ©2008 Arnold Mollica

Steffen Presley: Hammond B3 organ with pedal-bass,
alto saxophone, keyboards
Arnold Mollica: Drums, percussion and lead vocals

Produced and engineered by Steffen Presley
co-produced by Arnold Mollica

Recorded mostly live at Song-Haven Studios
Illustration: Carolyn Presley   Cover photo art: Steffen Presley

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Arnold and Steffen



In Our Time Machine (Steffen Presley) 5 stars
Manic Depression (Jimi Hendrix) 5 stars
(5 of 5 possible stars: Represents the ratings style on YouTube at the time this was posted. )

Album Reviews

I must say, this is pretty solid music for two individuals making the best use of an Organ accompanied by Drums and a bit of alto sax. The album brings about a jazzy music feel; a great listen for those who crave mellow tunes, while out and about at a lounge. Most of the tracks composed on this album feature the guys jamming out their funky groove rhythms. Overall, "In Our Time Machine" is a great album that contains tracks strong enough with or without vocals, but most importantly it has that classic fusion jazz feel.

Review edited by Monique M. Luna of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions

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5 stars Ted Mattingly   5 stars Rodney and the RadioIndy review team (5 of 5 possible stars)

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4 stars RadioIndy   5 stars Dunwoody

From customers:
Fantastic!!! Wow, this is really nice! Like all the tracks. "The Reveal" has a mysterious quality to it. "Here and There" - cool Latin/Tango sound. "The Beast" is reminiscent of great 60's/70's music. Takes me back. Hard to pick a fave. Love the B3, vocals and drums. Great job, Steffen and Arnold! -- Chip

WOW!! I finally got a chance to listen to the whole CD - and I could kick myself for waiting so long! It was awesome! There's not one song that I would skip over. The instrumentals are fantastic and unbelievably expansive, considering it's only the two of you guys. I especially liked "Hey Now Mama" - it kinda reminded me of an old Almann Brothers tune, "One Way Out". Arnold, your vocals are so stimulating and made me want to sing along with you! Keep up the great work and I hope to hear another album soon! -- Marie In Milwaukee

You know, it really sounds like music they play at events and bars and gets people IN THE PARTY MOOD!!! Hardly any reverb on it. Very live sounding. --Mark Bowers

Loved the three legs on wheels artwork video and CD. THIS CD IS A WINNER -- Colin and Denise from Australia

GrIndie award Dear 3 Legs On Wheels, We want to let you know that we've awarded you a GrIndie Award for your excellent CD "In Our Time Machine".
We published an announcement of this award on your RadioIndy artist page, on your album page, and it will soon be sent via email to our listeners of your genre. We are thrilled to help you promote your excellent CD.
Sincerely, Manny and Greg - Co-founders,


In Our Time Machine - video

Manic Depression - video and general comments