vocal session

Doo-Wop group, Deke and the Blazers recording their four-part harmony performances. See their television news interview and live performance

Getting the best performances from musicians and singers often means having them feel that they are in a creative and comfortable environment. We've long understood the large difference between the exhilarating and free experience of singing live onstage as opposed to the cloistered, isolated feeling one usually experiences recording vocals in many recording studios. With our unique boothless design, we've strove to bridge the gap, bringing recording vocals closer to the feeling one gets singing live on stage. Judging from the reaction we've received from visiting vocalists, we've succeeded!

isolation walls

Portable isolation walls (the Max-Wall) from Auralex Acoustics. In this picture, they are being used to isolate the Leslie 147 speaker (connected to the Hammond B3, in another room).