Tale of the Comet

Steffen Presley

Tale of the Comet artwork

Steffen Presley-photo art Performed by Steffen Presley on vocals; Yamaha DX7, Prophet-5 and Minimoog synthesizers; Linndrum and synthesized drums.

Simmons drum performance and additional Linndrum programming by Marc Glassman.


Designed as music for the future, as projected by today's world, "Tale of the Comet" chronicles the life and times of a twenty-first century space colonist.

The album begins as the astronaut recalls events from his childhood onward which shaped the course of his life. A passing comet late in the twentieth century sparks the small child's imagination and inspires his interest in space travel.

As a young man, population growth and associated world problems spark him to action. Feeling that man must expand out into the universe to survive and grow as a species, he eventually becomes one of the first space colonists, embarking on wonderous odysseys of celestial love.

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Electronic instruments were used exclusively towards expressing a futuristic space adventure. Modern at the time, these now vintage instruments are sought after collector's items and include; a Sequential Circuits - Prophet 5 (polyphonic analog synthesizer), a Yamaha DX7 (digital synthesizer), a Minimoog (monphonic analog synthesizer), and a LinnDrum (1st drum machine). Thanks to extremely original sound design by Steffen, these sounds are far from sounding dated except for the LinnDrum which hasn't hasn't aged well at all.

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