Tale of the Comet

Steffen Presley

The "Tale of the Comet" CD combines songs with vocals along with instrumental "soundscapes". Below is a list of the vocal songs on this album. Select a song title link to view the lyrics.

All words and music are © 1998 Steffen Presley

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Childhood Dreams
(verse 1): Visions of the universe
Through the eyes of a child
It was a cosmic revelation
The comet of '86
(refrain): Some childhood dreams never die
They just keep you wondering why
Some childhood dreams fall from the sky
They always seem to mystify
(verse 2): Visions in my mind
Stir the child in me
The day that changed my life
So long ago
(tag): Some adult schemes
Try to apply the magic
The magic....
© 1998 Steffen Presley

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Got To Get Off
(verse 1): Too many people
On this Earth
No more room to breathe
Too many people
Giving birth
No more food to eat
(refrain): How I long
To be like a comet
A free and wandering spirit
How I long
To follow the stars
Got to Get off, Got to get Off
Like everyone else
I gotta Get off, Got to get Off
(verse 2): Too many missiles
On this Earth
Yet they keep building more
To many crises
Bring dearth
Better be ready for war
(bridge): Life can be much better
If we work together
Better start today
Everybody's reaching
All of us are seeking
Some go all the way...
Got to Get off, Got to get Off
Like everyone else
I gotta Get off, Got to get Off
© 1998 Steffen Presley

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No Turning Back
(refrain): There ain't no turnin'
Turnin' Back
You can't return the past
We must keep movin'
Movin' fast
And make the present last
We don't need to be
Chained by gravity
Start the countdown now...
(verse 1): A long lonely journey
Lies ahead
Past the outer regions
Our children will take over
The dream...
In our starship
Named "Columbus"
We go searching far...
(verse 2): We had to leave some loved ones
It's hard not to remember
Of things that are forever
So long...
I will miss you
But we must carry on
We are growing
And we will learn so much
We can't waste any time
© 1998 Steffen Presley

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Celestial Lover
Astral Angel
Be my celestial lover
We could make love
Without falling
So let's be together
It's our calling
You're my Venus
I'm your Mars
So let's make love
Amongst the stars
Celestial Lover
Floating on this
Tiny island
Through the vastness
Of the universe
You're all I see
You're radiating beauty
Shines through me
Celestial lover
© 1998 Steffen Presley

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Unknown Territory
(verse 1): We've never been here before
May never be here again
We're only passing through
We have to see what is there
Don't want to be unaware
We'll leave our mark
Wherever we go
And we're headed for...
(refrain): Unknown territory
Uncharted space
Unknown territory
What do we face?
Unknown territory
Uncharted, forbidden
Can't stay away...
(verse 2): Maybe we'll even succeed
In finding all that we need
To save humanity
Or we may face battlefire
From things that aren't so friendly
You never know
What lies ahead
We are entering...
(bridge): We will calm the firestorm
As we terraform
This unknown territory
Unknown territory...
© 1998 Steffen Presley
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