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all compositions by Steffen Presley*
© 2020 Steffen Presley
recorded at Crystal Sound Studios and Tamarind Labs, Hollywood
*"Bottom's Up"
Music by Rick Bozzo and Steffen Presley. Lyrics by Steve Shurelian
digitally remastered at Song-Haven Studio 2020
Steffen Presley:   vintage keyboards and synthesizers,
      lead and backing vocals, alto saxophone
Steve Shurelian:   lead vocals
Marc Glassman:   drums
Rick Bozzo:   bass guitar
Cyndi Wood:   backing vocals
Dan Holmes:   guest drummer on "Collision Course"

This album was recorded between 1980 and 1983. The rhythm tracks were recorded at Crystal Sound in Hollywood, an expensive commercial studio by engineer Kevin Beamish. Alas, shortly after, the plug was pulled on the use of this otherwise unaffordable luxury. Steffen completed the project on his own at home using a couple of Tascam 3340 four track tape recorders and little else. Recording technology was incredibly primitive by today's standards and home studios were barely in existence. Re-mastered in 2020 (currently in progress and preparing for official release sometime this year), the recordings still sound really good today, much of it owing to excellent performances by the musicians and singers. Well, you can hear for yourself right here, if you dare.

The instruments and effects used by Steffen on these recordings were at the time quite modern and sate-of-the-art, but are now considered desirable and sought-after vintage gear by aficionados. For the bulk of the songs (written and recorded mostly around 1981) These would include a 1973 Minimoog Model D synthesizer. a Sequential Circuits - Prophet 5 polyphonic synthesizer, a Hammond B3 organ with a Leslie 147, a Hohner Clavinet D6 and Clavinet/Pianet Duo, Talk Box and the Steinway B grand piano at Crystal Sound Studios.

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