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Produced by Steffen Presley
All compositions by Steffen Presley*
Recorded at Crystal Sound Studios and Tamarind Labs, Hollywood
Engineered by Kevin Beamish and Steffen Presley
"Remixed" and remastered at Song-Haven Studio 2020 by Steffen Presley
*"Bottom's Up"
Music by Rick Bozzo and Steffen Presley. Lyrics by Steve Shurelian  
Artwork by Carolyn Presley
Steffen Presley: vintage keyboards and synthesizers,
lead and backing vocals, alto saxophone, talk box
Steve Shurelian:   lead vocals
Marc Glassman:   drums
Rick Bozzo:   bass guitar
Cyndi Wood:   backing vocals
Dan Holmes:   guest drummer on "Collision Course"

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The early 80s were an interesting time in music. New instruments, such as programmable polyphonic synthesizers were transforming music. The songs that make up this remastered collection were written and recorded between 1980 and 1983. Unfortuately, these songs were never fully produced and recorded to my satisfaction. Forty years later, in early 2020 I finally had the technology at hand to perform the sonic sorcery required to dramaticlly improve and fully correct all of the issues inherent in the original mixes. Utilizing special digital tools and clever techniques, I was able to radically "remix" and remaster this material despite never having had access to the original individual tracks. I wound up being surprised at just how much new life I was able to inject into these tunes. To be clear, the objective was not to modernize the production in any way. The songs and recordings are firmly set in the 80s, both sonically as well as with lyrical commentary on 80s culture. With but just a couple of exceptions where parts were missing, no new tracks were recorded.

In addition to feeling that these songs were worthy enough to preserve, the original recorded performances by the incredible musicians in my well rehearsed band were exceptional and also warranted complete and unedited preservation! The rhythm tracks layed down by Rick Bozzo on bass, Marc Glassman on drums, and myself on grand piano were recorded by Kevin Beamish at Crystal Sound in Hollywood, an expensive commercial studio where Stevie Wonder and many other famous artists recorded. Unable to continue to afford this luxury, I completed the project on my own in my Hollywood apartment using a couple of Tascam 3340 four track tape recorders and little else.

The instruments and effects used by Steffen on these recordings were at the time quite modern and sate-of-the-art, but are now considered desirable and sought-after vintage gear by aficionados and are part of the iconic sound of that era. These are: Hammond B3 organ with a Leslie 147; Minimoog synthesizer; Sequential Circuits - Prophet 5 polyphonic synthesizer; Hohner Clavinet D6 and Clavinet/Pianet Duo, a talk box and the Steinway B grand piano at Crystal Sound Studios.

The Dick Lee podcast interview
with Steffen Presley

March 2020

Marc Glassman Rick Bozzo and Steffen Presley Steve Shurelian Cyndi Wood

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