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earth Artists have come from all over the United States and elsewhere specifically to work with Steffen Presley, including Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, The Hawaiian Islands and as far away as Australia and most recently Japan! Here is some of what people are saying about the production, arranging, musicianship and engineering from Steffen. None of the comments on this page were solicited in any way and are quoted exactly, with zero editing!

"Steffen, YOu are a freaking amazing artist! Seriously! That's so awesome.
When I saw you playing that thing i was thinking holy crap how did he get so adept at playing that thing…
And you really make it speak beauty! : ) My hat is off to you."
-- Thanks, Marc Bosserman 2017

"That was fucking amazing music ! I listened to a few of those tracks. Man, you produced some tight music. We were so together with all that I heard ! I loved hearing that. You've done some great music . Thanks for sending me that . I looked at your website and saw all the music you've been doing . Great !"
-- Thanks, Marc Glassman 2017

"Steffen is an amazing producer and human being! They just don't make 'em any better!" -- Lisa Capozzi (recent Facebook post with several "likes")

"Wow Steffen...beautiful!!!! loooooveee it. Let me hear more and more...my first impression is that it is really the way it should be....wow. I am sooo glad that I found you to work in this project. You are definitely the right person and you show the sensibility in this song. Like I said let me here more and digest everything....it is definitely many elements to hear and appreciate. I will get back to you more on it. I am also getting ready for the next one". -- Thanks, Ernando

"I went to the Song Co-op in Hollywood on Thursday night and played I Need You Here and I'm Gonna Win This Fight! A guy named Michael Huey who was the featured guest loved my songs. He said I'm Gonna Win This Fight! is amazingly produced and just a great song and should be picked up for a movie. He said he hears a girl group doing I Need You Here and liked that one too. Thanks again on the awesome work."
--Glen Hoffman - songwriter

"Thank you very much. I was impressed your mix. And I learned many things through this project. Your mix is great, because warm, good balance and punch drums. It's my favorite and I think that is professional sound"
--Naoki Nagashima musician/songwriter in Japan

Deke and the Blazers Facebook post Sept. 2009:
"Hi Steffen, I'll give you a call and get a video over to you. We are having fun, getting alot of exposure, and meeting the great ones. Our tunes are being played on 7 radio stations across the US. Thanks to your producing!!"
--Jan Detana - Deke and the Blazers

Every song is perfection personified. Well Done!!!!!!! I won't go into a long story, but I have an excellent "ear" when determining the quality of recordings. My singing voice is gone but the ear is still functioning. I always told my son when he had his band and they made a CD, that if you don't have a great sound man, you'll never make it in this business. The next time you see your sound man at the studio, give him a pat on the back and a big thank you because he/she did an excellent job in bringing out the very best of all of your voices.
--Carl, a Deke and the Blazers, fan, regarding their CD which Steffen produced and engineered

Comments on Steffen's keyboard skills
"Steffen Presley is one of the key ingredients to our success. Without his encyclopedia knowledge of music, his creative capacity to improvise in all styles of music and ability to play the piano, keyboards, saxophone, electric guitar, bass and drums at an absolute bravura level, without his meticulous attention to details, good taste in engineering, both his long lasting patience and never flagging energy, our quick success certainly would have taken a lot longer and been a lot harder."
--- Larry Larson, manager for Kiki Kalor

"In twenty years of recording experience, this is the most fun I've ever had in a studio. The vibe is quite relaxing and inspiring. The quality is phenomenal!"
--- pianist Robin Bealmear, 2006

"Extra special thanks to Steffen for your amazing musical talents, your exhaustive technical efforts and for all your assistance with production"
--Sean Tiwanak, from "Better Days" CD booklet

"Endless Productions" provided me with my best and most satisfying experiences. The quality and instruction that I received when working with Steffen have truly been phenomenal. My vision of the end product was even improved upon!"
--John Bro, movie star (Armageddon, Godzilla, Star Trek, etc.)

"The sound quality of your music sounds every bit as good as what is recorded in our million dollar facilities"
--Dave Collins, mastering engineer for A&M records

"Without exception, everyone is impressed with the quality of the production on my CD, "Better Days". Thanks for your constant attention to detail and your commitment to producing with excellence as your standard.
--Sean Tiwank, recording artist

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