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Excellent production requires excellent tools. Steffen Presley has the most important of these tools which money can't buy, namely golden ears (including perfect pitch) and a creative imagination, with a lifetime of musical education, experience and skill development. To fully exploit those tools, Steffen opened Song-Haven studios eleven years ago as the project studio for our production company, Endless Productions. The goal was to create a complete music creation environment beyond just a comfortable and inspiring place to record. We provide a wealth of professional services for musicians and artists not normally found in most recording studios. Often, we receive tracks with only an unaccompanied vocal or guitar of which from that we create complete arrangements and productions. There are examples of this in our music section.

Here is a list of some of the services and special equipment we offer. Despite our world class expertise, many of these are offered at no further cost to you beyond the basic rate. Take your project to the next level!

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Music creation:

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Our main focus here at Song-Haven project studio is with: Sean Tiwanak

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