MIDI keyboards system
JBL Control 5
(not for mixing)


Moog Theremini

Top left rack:
Minimoog 1973 analog synth
customized by
Studio Electronics
with MIDI, rack-mount and more!

MOTU Midi Express XT

Top right rack:
Korg MS-2000R
modeled analog synth

Alesis DM5 drum module

JBL Control 5
(not for mixing)


hp 22" display
connected to:
Apple Mac Pro
Intel Xeon Quadcore
computer, with:
Universal Audio UAD2
powered plug-in system

Keyboards shown:
Dave Smith Instruments; Poly Evolver
Hybrid real-analog/digital synthesizer
Yamaha Montage 6 - digital synthesizer
Korg Nanopad 2 and Apple iPad Air 2 atop:
Kurzweil K2500X - 88 key sampling synthesizer
with SCSI hard drive and CD_ROM drive;
piano daughter-board; orchestral ROM; P-RAM;
50 meg. sample RAM

Roland V-Synth XT Korg Wavestation AD, Yamaha VL1m Korg Monotron
Roland V-Synth XT Korg Wavestation A/D
Yamaha VL-1m
Korg Monotron

Keyboard instruments and synthesizers viewed elsewhere:
Korg Karma
Hammond B3 organ   Falcone grand piano (5'8")

Soft Synths:

Sonic Resources (instruments- original programming!!)

I've spent many years getting deep inside my synthesizer's inner workings, such as to program large libraries of sounds which take full advantage of a particular design, complicated as it may be. The results are truly stunning sonic resources hardly hinted at by the factory programs. So what? This means that music I produce, including music from several clients who are currently reaping notable success on their products, stand apart from the crowd! Standing apart from the crowd is a key ingredient towards getting noticed in this increasingly homogenized world, especially if the degree of quality is higher than the norm. The list below includes only those resources I use the most. I prefer to use mostly high-end hardware instruments, but specialized soft-instruments have recently been added.
Category Instrument Advantages
Sampling (w/synthesis) UVI Falcon-
Yamaha Montage -
Kurzweil K2500XS -
Roland V-Synth XT -
Includes Sample Robot software
Modern software sampler
high quality, polyphony, memory and storage. VAST synthesis!!
With Variphrase technology!
Includes granular, spectral, and additive features!
Sample playback (ROM) Yamaha Montage -
Kurzweil K2500XS -
Korg Karma -
Roland V-Synth XT -
Korg Wavestation A/D -
Alesis DM5 -
State of the Art technology
Lots of great sounds!
can be replaced with user samples
w/wave sequencing and vector synthesis
Lots of drum sounds with ext. trigger inputs
Physical modeling Roland Aerophone AE-10 -
Yamaha VL1m -
Korg Karma (MOSS expansion) -
Roland V-drums (TD-10) -
Roland V-Synth XT -
Modern electronic wind instrument
realistic expression! Breath control
6-voice polyphony, versatile programmability
Virtually real drums! Sticks or brushes!
VC-1 mode: accurate Roland D50 emulation!
Real analog synthesis!! Poly-Evolver -
Korg Monotron
polypohonic, hybrid of real analog and digital
customized legendary Minimoog!!
In your face sound!
Analog modeling Moog Animoog -
Korg MS-2000R -
Roland V-Synth XT -
Korg Karma + MOSS -
Kurzweil K2500X -
It's a real Moog on an iPad!
Supersaw and feedback waves
both ROM and physical modeling based
Deep synthesis and control
FM synthesis Yamaha Montage -
Yamaha DX7II(E!) -
Korg Karma (MOSS expansion) -
MOTU Mach5
State of the art FM-X !
multi-timbral 6-op FM
authentic FM
4-op FM modules
Digital Wavetable Wavestation A/D -
Poly Evolver -
Moog Animoog -
PPG Wave Generator (iPad) -
Korg MS-2000R
Waldorf NAVE (iPad)
Wave Sequencing, Vector w/joystick
Wave Sequencing, Prophet VS table
Anisotropic synthesis! (iPad)
from PPG, the original inventor! Wave Sequencing
Wave Sequencing
Wave sweeping
Vocoders Roland V-Synth XT -
Korg MS-2000R -
Special Vocal Designer mode!!
Drums Roland V-Drums Pro -
Alesis DM5 -
Virtually real drums! Sticks or brushes!
lots of sounds and ext. trigger inputs
Real acoustic piano Falcone semi-conservatory grand (5'9") fantasic real sound with world-class mics!
Real Hammond organ Hammond B3 with Leslie 147 The real thing w/bass pedals!
Orchestral, symphonic UVI Falcon -
Yamaha Montage -
Kurzweil K2500X -
Yamaha VL1m -
Customized orchestra samples galore
Completely custom super real patches!
Comprehensive excellent orchestra samples
Deep expressive control!
ultra-realistic expression, breath controlled winds
External processing Minimoog -
Poly Evolver -
Yamaha Montage -
Korg MS-2000R -
Roland V-Synth XT -
Wavestation A/D -
Korg Monotron -
Classic Moog filter!
Threshold trigger and Envelope follower
with envelope followers, etc.
Vocoder and filters
VC-2 Vocal Designer; Effects,w/guitar amp/speaker sim
Bags of character!!