Falcone grand piano

Falcone   semi-conservatory acoustic grand piano (5'8")

model GF72D, red mahogany

Apple iMac Intel Core/Duo
recording the piano at high sample rates on our Apple iMac Intel Core i3
With Yamaha HS5 Monitors
This is a truly magnificent and very fine instrument which must be heard and/or played to be fully appreciated! Owner Steffen Presley tried out dozens of pianos before finding this jewel. This is located in an independent room (Studio C), and contains it's own recording facilities, including an Apple iMac Intel Core i3, also running Steinberg Cubase Pro and DSP Quattro with full compatibility with the main studio, which is connected via wireless network. The audio interface is the Sternberg UR44, which has outstanding mic preamps. A Dampp-Chaser system (Piano Life-Saver) is installed on this instrument. This silent device regulates the humidity of the sound-board, keeping it constant. The results is far greater tuning stability, a huge plus for a recording piano!


Recorded Examples:
Solo piano opus composed and performed by Steffen Presley. Recorded in 2015 at 96k/24 bit using AKG 414, and Neumann U87 microphones. for a large sound!
Yoshi Gurwell. Composed by Doug Gurwell. We used an MXL-R77 ribbon, and Neumann U87 microphones, to suit Yoshi’s style.
Solo piano opus composed and performed by Steffen Presley. Recorded in 2010 at 96k/24 bit.
classical piano (Frederic Chopin)
performed by Steffen Presley.
Original song for solo piano by Brian Nassau
Original song for solo piano by Robin Bealmear.