ROLI Seaboard GRAND stage

ROLI Seaboard GRAND Stage

Newly arrived spring of 2015, the Seaboard GRAND Stage from ROLI is a new class of electronic instrument; one that offers expression capabilities with tactile sensations and haptic feedback rivaling or surpassing acoustic instruments. With polyphonic pressure sensitivity, polyphonic pitch bending and velocity, many new possibilities open up for ultra-expressive performance of infinite electronic timbres, with real feel for the musician! Steffen Presley has used this amazing instrument on many songs and videos. Here are some links: Seaboard Blues | Sleepwalk | Tidal Wave (Improvisation) | Pluto.

Moog Theremini

Moog Theremini The brand new Theremini from Moog Music is a re-imagined 21st century version of the famed Theremin, originally invented by Leon Theremin in the 1920s. The Theremin is a unique musical instrument which is played without touching it! Using radio waves, musical nuances are controlled by precise hand gestures in the air, next to two antenna, one each for pitch and amplitude (volume), creating a unique and identifiable sound, based largely on full pitch continuation. The Theremni offers a couple of major advancements to this system. Most importantly is the availability of real-time pitch quantization. Instead of always continuous pitch variation, pitch can be can be fully varied between fully quantized (discrete pitches, such as on a piano) and fully continuous, as on the original Theremin. This can be controlled via an onboard knob, and quantization can be set to correspond with a set scale from a long list of available preset scales. The second major advancement implemented in the Theremini is the use of digital sound generation, based on Moog's award winning Animoog synthesizer, which works on an Apple iPad (also in use in our studio!). This system allows a much greater range of tones and tonal control, which can be stored in presets. Factors such as filter amount can be controlled from the amplitude antenna, etc. Using Moog's Theremini editor for the iPad, one can create their own presets and store them in an iPad library. The final result is a versatile instrument with a broad range of unique sounds controlled with a unique and advanced playing style, much beyond the original Theremin.

Steffen Presley, owner of Endless Productions and Song-Haven Studios very recently put this instrument to use on the new album from Eric Walker, Universal Delight released in December, 2014 and available on Apple iTunes. Steffen created original sounds used on the album, before the release of the Theremini iPad editor, by creating his own app for this purpose. It seems likely that Universal Delight will be among the first commercial release to feature custom Theremini sounds!

More recently, Steffen has featured the Theremini on two new songs for the upcoming album he will be releasing this summer called Pluto Head. The two songs, titled Carnival of Souls and Attic Toy can be heard on the Pluto Head website.

Roland Aerophone

Steffen Presley with Roland Aerophone The Roland Aerophone was introduced in December 2016. It is an electronic wind instrument specializing in saxophone sounds (alto, tenor, baritone and soprano sax) and uses saxophone fingering. But it also has onboard a large collection of other modeled wind instruments. All offer a full range of expression and sound highly realistic! It also speaks MIDI, and can therefore play any MIDI capable sound. Here at Song-Have Studios that means a universe of sonic possibilities, including many breath controllable wind instrument sounds. In particular, our Yamaha VL1m Synthesizer specializes in physical modeled wind instrument sounds. In-house producer and multi-instrumentalist Steffen Presley plays saxophone, and has contributed his alto saxophone prowess on countless recordings. The Roland Aerophone will allow him to take that to new heights!