The Excavation

Un-Earth Songs from ancient times
before they vanish

  1. Fanfare
  2. Just Having a Good Time
  3. Believe in Me
  4. She's a Wild Animal
  5. My Best Friend
    *Re-recorded (yet again) July 2014 *
  6. Girl of My Dreams
    (solo piano version)
  7. Cartoon (1973 recording)
  8. Flying High
  9. Cold Dispair
  10. Feelin' Jazzed
  11. Collision Course
  12. Love Is What We Live For
  13. Borne Overture

The excavation

Steffen Presley: piano, keyboards, clarinet, alto sax and vocals
Marc Glassman: drums
The late Kimber Glendening: drums for Cartoon

* My Best Friend: All new mix, now featuring Steffen Presley on lead vocal. This version is in the original key and sounds most like I had originally intended. All instruments played by Steffen Presley using modern gear.

all compositions by Steffen Presley
© 2014 Steffen Presley

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