Roland V-session Pro drum kit
The Roland V-Session Pro electronic drum kit.

This is a top of the line electronic drum kit, which includes the Roland TD-10 brain with TDW Cymbal Control expansion card; additional cymbals; an additional pedal for double-kick technique as well as additional Dauz pad for miscellaneous percussion (any sound really!).

Hear examples featuring drummer Jimmi Patti:

YouTube video of Arnold Mollica of 3 Legs On Wheels
performing Jimi Hendrix' Manic Depression on this kit, and more.

If your recording needs a drummer, top of the line drumming (and drum programming) is just one of our many free services offered.

The many benefits for recording are numerous:
  • large library of pre-programmed kits
  • easy and awesome editing capability that you can't even come close to on real drums!
  • can super accurately reproduce the response and sound of any acoustic drum using:
    • advanced "physical modeling" technology
    • high quality samples
    • authentic programming (we can take care of this for you), such as:
      • choose shell material such as wood, brass or steel
      • set shell depth with graphic representation
      • damping including tape, doughnuts, blankets etc.
      • much more!
  • responds to all acoustic drumming technique, including:
    • super accurate playability with brushes!!
    • positional sensing on snare and all cymbals
    • ride, bell, edge, roll and choke cymbals, etc.
  • state of the art electronic sounds
  • all of the vintage electronic sounds
  • programmable ambiance and effects
  • no real mics needed. This means:
    • super quick setup
    • Eight separate outputs with no leakage!
      (musicians can even talk in the room during recording, with no worries)
    • programmable virtual mics
  • access to any sound via MIDI, including superior custom samples
  • and finally, no soundproofing necessary!!
  • We pass these savings in time and money on to you, the customer!

Arnold Mollica shows his stuff on this kit!