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Convergence CD Cover

Steffen Presley:   Keyboard synthesizers/sound design, alto saxophone, MIDI drum kit, electric guitar and Hammond organ.

Produced by: Kevin Beamish & Steffen Presley-- Engineered by: Steffen Presley & Kevin Beamish -- Original Artwork & Layout by: Carolyn Presley

See the "Convergence-Impressions" page, featuring inspired song descriptions specially scribed by the late Milton Bowser

Discover a truly distinctive musical experience.

Discover a truly distinctive musical experience. There could be no better name for this highly melodic instrumental combination of gorgeous cinematic, jazz, and electronic styling. Steffen Presley masterfully blends them into very sensuous textures. His command of keyboards and sound design as well as alto saxophone and other instruments are richly presented in memoriable compositions. In addition, the stunning original artwork of Carolyn Presley is featured in the accompanying eight page booklet in glorious full color.

"Without any doubt, one of my all-time favorites is Steffen Presley's Convergence album. It is such a profound mixture of classical, jazz and fusion that I have nearly worn out the CD!"
--John Bro, movie star (Armageddon, Godzilla, Star Trek, etc.)

"Thanks for sending a copy of Convergence my way. I think I can use several pieces from it ... I'll also make the CD known to the jazz programmers here"
--Michael Brown WPNE_FM Green Bay Wisconsin

***1/2 stars! (out of four) recommended--KMLS WATTZ radio

*** stars, recommended--WPVR FM Roanoke Virginia

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