Steffen Presley

Impressions written by the late Milton Bowser

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Saxy Nights

The Maiden of the Night is handled tenderly, creating a magic after dark impression with a touch of blue. Let the music carry you deeper into the depths of your minds eye. Sexy, sensual, sophisticated. A call from the inner self of the master arranger to all who dare to listen.

Follow the Pied Piper of timbral variations. Enjoy the musical tingling of the rhythms as they move from modern to Far Eastern to complete evolving patterns of sonic colors.

Softer then the falling snow enters the music into your reverie. Rekindle memories or the warmth of shelter from the elements and the glow of love by a fireplace burning inside the hearts of lovers reflecting in their eyes.

Persian Excursion

Exotic Bazaar of the far east offering dreams come true in a magic musical bottle of concentrated wanderlust. Meet your majestic prince or princess and share the moment of another culture expressing itself in the international language of fascination in the unknown persona of Persia.

Ascend past the heights of the forbidden, escape from those earthbound who have not yet experienced the weightless glow of celestial love: All knowing, all sensitivities met before they arise. Share the Celestial moment; it will be your guide away from unrequited love.

Cheers! Have a musical, vitamin power cocktail to carry you through the sometimes dreary day. Illuminate those moods of restlessness as Steffen's Hammond organ eases you from the mundane to the pulsating rhythms of feeling your oats and wanting to dance. Take your vitamins, enthuse yourself before these days become those you should have enjoyed.

What could be more special than a day in love whose richer meaning has been brought to the house of lovers whose souls entwine. The forlorn sigh of the saxophone echoes memories of past romances which wither and fade under the presence of today's heavenly blessing of love from above.
Here is a special General MIDI version of Special Day


All the desires of your life converge into the perfect oneness of sound in a mystical dream format known only to those seeking perfection and finding instead devotion who then abandon all other dreams. The fusion of two beings in love cannot exist without the diversity and magnificence of convergence.

Crystal Ball

Figures in a crystal music box come to life and waltz through a dream fantasy that takes place in the motion picture theatre of your mind.

Into the air leaving the earthbound portion of your soul behind as you are transported through the clouds as Steffen maneuvers your lighter than air impressions, and softly brilliant celestial patterns that soothe the stress of the day and return you to Earth relaxed and satisfied by the semi-silent musical gliding of your listening experience through a starlit journey.

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