Bent Branes


Bent Branes CD Cover
Produced and engineered by Steffen Presley
Recorded at E Ticket studio in Hollywood.

all compositions ©2015 Steffen Presley
except "Bottoms Up" ©2002 R.Bozzo, S.Presley
©2002 Terraform Records
CD cover artwork by Steffen Presley

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Characters Band members:
  • Steffen Presley : vocals, piano, Hammond B3 organ,
    synthesizers, saxophones, electric guitar
  • Joe Carbone: drums and percussion
  • Rick Bozzo: bass guitars
Additional players:
  • Aja Kim : vocalist
  • Tom Aragon : electric guitar
  • Ruben Burciaga : electric guitar
  • Ron Glass : trombone
  • Doug Gurwell : trumpet and fluegelhorn
  • Tim Coniff : trumpet
  • Lynn Woolever : bass guitar
  • Dan Hill: additional percussion

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"Great CD. A-Z. Your chops and your material are both great.
You even have a sense of humor....:)" -- Marc Bosserman

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*note: The word "branes" is not a mis-spelling of the word "brains". "Branes" (short for membranes) is a word used by theoretical physicists and astromoners to describe how our universe may lie on a three-dimensional membrane or "brane" that floats in a fifth dimension.

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