Hammond B3 organ

Hammond B3
Legendary electro/mechanical tonewheel organ

This vintage instrument has been modified and fully tweaked for the ultimate in legendary tone. The accompanying Leslie 147 rotating speaker cabinet (not pictured) sits in an isolation booth in another room, with four microphones (two AKG Perception 170s on the upper roter; two dynamic mics on the bottom rotor), independent mic pre-amps and it's own mixer, ready for plug and play. In September of 2012, this organ was also modified with a specially designed output and relay to for a Neo Instruments Ventilator, an extremely accurate recreation of a Leslie 122 rotating speaker cabinet, but in stomp-box form (pictured underneath-left). The modification allows the Leslie 147 and Ventilator to be output simultaneously while controlling the motor speed of both from either the half-moon switch or foot switch. The new output has a gain control which can be used to overdrive the input of the Ventilator to get the B3 to really "bark"!! The Ventilator also has a variable tube-distortion control. As such, the tonal possibilities from this organ are extreme!

Atop the Hammond is a Yamaha DX7IIFD(E!) synthesizer, now used primarily as a master MIDI controller.

Steffen ripping it up on this B3 (including pedal bass!) with his 2 piece band 3 Legs On Wheels

Listen to this organ, using double Leslies, on a song by John Santoro

© 2005 John Santoro.

Early in 2017, Steffen Presley will be releasing an exacting virtual instrument version of this B3, to run on the UVI Falcon Platform. Details found here: Song-Haven Virtual B3 organ.

The gold record shown on the wall represents the Ann-Margret album (MCA Records), which sold over one million copies wordwide. Studio owner, Steffen Presley played keyboards on this album, her hit singles, and performed with the superstar on several national television shows and elsewhere.