acoustics by Auralex

Acoustic tiling by
Auralex Acoustics

Sound absorbtion and reflection control

Special construction, just completed near the end of 2003, along with custom designed acoustical treatment, provides our new studio with a superior sounding room!

Extreme isolation (we are at least 30 yards from any neighboring building), which includes windowless construction with double walls ensure super quiet recording, mixing and listening. Natural sunlight comes in through awning topped French doors. Our state of the art HVAC system (heat and cooling) is also super quiet.

The arched ceiling evades the notorious problems caused by parallel ceiling and floor. This design also provides for open corners which prevent standing waves. Coupled with specially designed acoustical materials, which include bass traps, diffusors and special three inch absorbent foam, the results are a world-class sounding room; open, even sound no matter where you are in the room!