Terraform Records presents:

June 2024

Official CD release:

The Vanishing

Mister Invisible


all compositions ©2024 Steffen Presley,
except Upside Down World
©2021 Tom Aragon & Steffen Presley
CD cover

Produced and arranged by Steffen Presley

Steffen Presley
all vocals, synthesizers*, Hammond B3 organ, piano, Roland V-Drums, electric guitar, alto saxophone, Aerophone, Seaboard, Theremini, sound design & cover art.

Tom Aragon
electric guitars on songs #4,5,7,10. Synthesizers and backing tracks on Upside Down World.

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I can't wait to hear it. it's like a next Beatles album to me -- Steve

"MR INVISIBLE is awesome, WOW!! Mom, Colin and myself have been listening to it through this lockdown.
Upside Down World transports you to another place,we are in awe.
Thank you for sharing this awesome music".
-- Colin and Denise in Australia.

The multi-phasic soundtrack structure of "The Vanishing" (the song) delivers a raconteur-like progression in which the storyline escorts the listener through multiple portals, each evincing a distinct mood, cadence and set of environmental cues. The approach embraces tension, differentiation, surprise and wanderlust, all key elements of provocative, affecting and non-formulaic artistic expression.

Permeating the mazy yet interconnected mosaic of this are creative keyboard and guitar solos, layers of sonic shimmers, and both tempo and melodic change-ups that win the sensibilities of sophisticated music junkies. Ponder the sight of polyptych paintings or sculpture in the best Chelsea galleries, and the persistence of vision radiating from "The Vanishing" congeals into solidity, As with all first-rate musical works, it stares deeply into racks of ever-changing, polysensory mirrors with an eye unswervingly trained on achieving a singular, coherent and revelatory reflection in the end. -- David R.

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