Time Crystals

all compositions © 2017 Steffen Presley

Produced & arranged by Steffen Presley
Recorded at Song-Haven Studios in Tujunga CA
from 2015-2017

Mirror Image

Time Crystals CD Cover

Mirror Image is a father-son duo featuring Steffen Presley on the Seaboard Grand and Skylar Presley on drums and percussion. In 2015, a new type of synthesizer instrument called the “Seaboard” was introduced by a new company in England called ROLI. Instead of a mechanical keyboard, it has a solid silicone rubber surface shaped into “key waves” (hence the name “Seaboard”). This unique playing surface eliminates the boundaries between notes and utilizes multiple dimensions of touch sensitivity. The result for the musician is expressive capabilities never before possible! This allowed Steffen to develop a whole new style of playing while creating new music encompassing an amalgamation of styles to showcase it in depth. The result is a collection of instrumental compositions titled “Time Crystals”. Many of these compositions began life as live performances for videos on the Mirror Image YouTube channel. These recordings were later enhanced for the album versions.

Other instruments performed by Steffen on this album include the Aerophone, an electronic wind instrument introduced by Roland at the beginning of 2017; and the Theremini, introduced by Moog Music in 2014 as the first significant update to the 100 year old theremin, adding digital technology. Some traditional instruments are also occasionally added by Steffen on certain compositions, including the Hammond B3 organ, alto saxophone and electric guitar. He also played drums on selections 6, 9 and 10.

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Roland Aerophone Roli Seaboard Moog Theremini
Roland Aerophone ROLI Seaboard Grand Moog Theremini

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